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Casetta Greenhouse Line

Available in 3 different sizes (little, average, large) the casetta greenhouses are suitable for every need of space.


Veranda Greenhouses Line

Suitable for plants remittance, but also for the home furnishings, are available in the standard or wall version.


FAQ's: Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to install? Where it can be installed? ... Read our FAQ's to find all the answers to frequently questions!


Some Realizations

Average Casetta Greenhouse

Average Casetta Greenhouse, natural aluminum, dimensions 220x360 cm

Average Casetta Greenhouse

Average Casetta Greenhouse, painted aluminum, dimensions 220x290 cm, with 100 cm door

Large Casetta Greenhouse interior

Large Casetta Greenhouse interior, natural aluminum, dimensions 290x290 cm

Closed Veranda Greenhouse

Closed Veranda Greenhouse, natural aluminum, dimensions 220x150 cm