Why an aluminium greenhouse?
Natural or coloured aluminium doesn't need maintenance, it is light and very resistant to atmospheric agents, snow, rain, hail and wind, it is a life lasting material.
Why is the greenhouse equipped with polycarbonate panels?
The 6mm alveolar polycarbonate with UV protection guarantees an high thermal insulating, setting the indoor greenhouse climate. The panels transmit brightness, they are resistant to atmospheric agents and to shocks. Being unbreakable they guarantee furthermore a higher safety, in particular for children.
Is the greenhouse easy to install?
Assembling and installation of our greenhouses are very easy, since the have been designed for DIY. Each of our products is provided with detailed assembling instruction that, with the help of a person, can be done in only 4/5 hours.
Where can I install the greenhouse?
The greenhouse can be placed on flat ground or garden, pavement or tiles.
What is the difference between Wall Veranda Greenhouse and Self-supporting Veranda Greenhouse?
The Wall Veranda Greenhouse has 3 sides and requires the mounting on a wall that serves as a fourth wall, while the Self-supporting Veranda Greenhouse is a greenhouse with 4 walls that do not therefore need to be fixed on a wall.
Which to choose between Wall Veranda Greenhouse and Self-supporting Veranda Greenhouse?
The Wall Veranda Greenhouse to be installed properly requires that the support surface and the wall are perfectly at 90 °, while the Self-supporting Veranda Greenhouse can be positioned in any situation and leaning against the wall.
How are the Greenhouses fixed to the ground?
Our Greenhouses if they are placed on the ground can be fixed with angular struts (supplied on request) fixed to the structure in the 4 corners and planted on the ground, while if they are entered on a curb or a concrete floor can be fixed by drilling the profile of base and fasten them with the fischer (supplied on request).
Which are the available fittings/optional?
Roof window automatic opening, 70 or 100 cm sliding doors, extra roof or side windows, different sizes of cultivation shelves and stillage in coloured or natural aluminium are available.
How does the roof window automatic opening work?
It is about a mercury temperature device, that works without electricity and that it is possible to set, that controls automatically the opening removing the extra heat and allowing ventilation inside the greenhouse, also during your absence.
What do i have to do to obtain a cost estimate?
It is sufficient to fill the online form "Requesta a quote" by giving the necessary information. Fax or telephone systems are also available.
What is the estimate delivery period?
The delivery time is approximately 10-15 days, for natural aluminum structures (not painted), while approximately 20-25 days for the coated aluminum structures.